We are better united together.

Potluck Protocol
5 min readNov 5, 2021

What we started and what is to come…

Bruce Sends His Regards.

Hard to believe that it has only been seven months since Potluck Protocol launched on BSC. While it seems much longer than that, it is probably because as a project and as a community, we have been through so much and learned a lot!

We launched V1 amid BSC mania, created our DApps and unique DeFi products, launched V2 and migrated to PTLKX, and then even went cross-chain on Fantom!

Launching FANG has certainly been very rewarding for us as we immediately felt at home on the Fantom Opera network. There is a sense of comradery and community never found with our peers on the Binance Smart Chain. The site escalated with traffic and users quickly jumped in while we continued to put the finishing touches on our crowning achievement. The dApp we started this project around— SONAR.

Remember me?

SONAR you say? Where is it, guys?

Wen Sonar? We know it has been a long wait; the closer we get to being finished, the more excited we are. We stuck by the mantra of first SONAR and then marketing. But what would still be a resounding issue even with decent marketing? Distribution. Would it be better to have good marketing that brings some traffic to our site with SONAR or better to have a MASSIVE partnership promoting SONAR?

Well, the stars aligned and we have found such a partner on Fantom. An announcement is forthcoming and we will let you guys know the second we are able to speak it into existence!

This partnership solves many issues and when we can tell you who it is with, you will realize it is a no brainer!

Where it is always spooky times.

Punch the day in the face. This presents an opportunity for Potluck Protocol and our partners.

Upon initial partnership discussions about a joint release of SONAR, we decided to receive our share of future revenue (generated from the dApp) in our partner’s token and this had us thinking — what if our loyal stakers could now receive our token and receive tokens from projects that partner with SONAR? This would allow us to drastically reduce FANG emissions while generating more rewards for our holders at the same time! This is combined with our regular emission reduction of 15%. FANG could be an outstanding DeFi project that not only handsomely rewards users but also avoids the heavy selling pressure that many projects are burdened with. This allows the price of FANG to be much more stable and continually grow without the constant, massive, sell pressure from rewards due to emissions only.

Return Of The Mack. FANG.

With new opportunities comes the new model.

With this new model of receiving partner rewards and distributing them to our holders comes an exciting opportunity — — we will drastically scale back farm/pool options in exchange for longer-term lockups and vaults that provide rewards in not only FANG, but also partner tokens and projects from other chains as well. While our upcoming partner will have exclusivity on the Fantom chain, we will partner up with other large projects on different chains to offer our dApps on their platforms. This will allow us to generate fees across many layer-1 platforms for FANG stakers. There will be a more extensive breakdown of the new model and new roadmap coming within the next few days. This will be a first of its type for a crypto/DeFi reward system and we think it is a win/win for everyone involved.

The sacred scripts.

So now it is time we bring it all together.

With the recent events involving SONAR and FANG it will be vastly more difficult to reward holders of PTLKX and FANG with these new exciting incentives. We know our PTLKX holders have felt things are lacking as most of the news/developments as of late have been about FANG. But at this time we can now bring both projects together under the one moniker of FANG on the Fantom Opera network.

Holders of PTLKX will be able to swap out their current holdings at a screenshot value of 0.002 for the current FANG price (0.002 is higher than the current PTLKX price). Instead of dividing our community, we can finally all come together under one banner and all win together as “The Fang Gang”. Details of the swap will also be coming in the following days (this will be done through a smart contract swap and not an exchange so that you get the quoted price). Farms and pools for PTLKX on the BSC Site will be moved to the “Finished” tab on 11/8/21 at 00:00 UTC. The swap will only be available until 11/15/21, so please take the time and swap. Contact our amazing admins if you need any help.

Bruce Shall Forever Remain.

We know change isn’t always easy.

This is a big change and ultimately one that we think will benefit everyone involved. In crypto, you have to constantly evolve and change; while this is a large move, we are doing this with what is best for our current holders and for the future of the project. We really hope you will join us — — we are about to do amazing things together. We are going to kick things off with our FIRST emission reduction of FANG by 15% and a massive 2,000,000 FANG burn! As always, our admins and community will be here to help every step of the way. LET’S GO LUCKERS!

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