The Observatory: Bringing Defi To Unique Crypto Projects

Can you see it? Can you see the gains?

Today we are pleased to announce another new interesting addition to Potluck Protocol. Today we launch The Observatory with our first project partner Cryptonovae! For the uninitiated, Cryptonovae is an all-in-one trading ecosystem that manages digital assets across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Check out more information at and get pumped!

The Observatory provides the opportunity for projects that are not necessarily in the Defi realm to give the benefits of staking and farming to their community! Typically, these will last for a month and we will continue adding new and interesting projects in the future! If you are interested in adding these features for your project drop us a line at PR@POTLUCKPROTOCOL.COM.

So go check out The Observatory and stake your YAE in the YAE pool and YAE/BNB farm. You can also stake your YAE in The Attic with a juicy 500% APY and earn some $PTLKX bat snacks!

As always we have a bunch of things in the works so stay tuned to our community for hot Potluck Protocol gossip.


Buy Cryptonovae: HERE

Check out The Observatory: HERE



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