SOULLY found some FANGs: A Guide on How to Convert Spooky LP to Spirit LP

Potluck Protocol
4 min readDec 1, 2021

Greetings luckers! 🦇

Some amazing strides have been made and we’ve been humbled by the overwhelming response of the Fantom community. We recently achieved a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.5M and $FANG’s exponential growth has been equally remarkable. Nevertheless, this is only a glimpse of what lies in store!

Today we’re excited to announce that the amazing guys over at SpiritSwap will be launching a FANG/FTM Farm — rewards paid out in their native token, $SPIRIT.

Moreover, to facilitate seamless swaps for SpiritSwap, our swap tool is now routing trades from their DEX and our users can conveniently trade the tokens listed there in-house.

Converting Spooky LP to Spirit LP

Migrating your Spooky LP to Spirit Swap requires you to go through a couple of transactions and for this purpose, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide.

If you currently don’t have Spirit LPs then you can simply refer from Step 3 onwards.

Step 1: Unstaking your Spooky LP

Before you can remove your LP, you must unstake it. Simply go to, “The Cave” and press the “-” button (highlighted in red below).

That should give you a pop-up from your wallet, press approve and the LP tokens should be in your wallet.

Step 2: Removing your Spooky LP

Now that you have the Spooky LP tokens in your wallet, you should now liquidate your LP tokens. Head on over to SpookySwap’s LP section and click on “My Potions.” You should now see your tokens being reflected on the site. An example is as follows:

Now click on your LP tokens and press “Withdraw” and select the amount of tokens you’d like to liquidate. If you’d like to liquidate all of your LP tokens, simply click on “All” and press “Approve.”

That should give you a pop-up from your wallet to sign the transaction and hence press “SIGN.”

After signing the transaction, click on “Withdraw” once again and approve the transaction in your wallet. This should liquidate your LP and the tokens should now be in your wallet.

Step 3: Providing LP on SpiritSwap

To provide LP on SpiritSwap, head on over to their liquidity section and click on “Add Liquidity.”

This should lead you to the page to provide LP. Now click on the amount of tokens you’d like to LP for. Keep in mind that you need 50–50 of both tokens respectively (in FANG/FTM for example, to LP for 100 FTM worth, you’d need 50 FTM and 50 FTM worth in FANG) in order to LP. In this case, we decided to make 1 FANG-FTM in LP (note the ratios required).

Now click on “Supply” and sign the transaction in your wallet. Behold! Spirit LP tokens should now be in your wallet!

Step 4: Depositing FANG-FTM LP tokens on SpiritSwap

To deposit your LP tokens on SpiritSwap, head on over to their farms section and search for the FANG-FTM LP. Simply click on it, approve the contract and after doing so, deposit the tokens to the contract; you should now be earning Spirit depending on your deposited $ amounts.

Congratulations, you are now part of the esteemed FANG GANG! 🦇

If you have any questions, don’t forget to reach out to our admins on either Discord or Telegram.

Side Note: If your transaction is constantly reverting, make sure to check your gas settings in your wallet. Lowering the recommended gas fees may result in your tx failing.