SLASHER: A tale of dice and defi

Potluck Protocol
2 min readMay 6, 2021


We told ya’ll we were gonna have Dapps and here is our first one!

Sorry if it is too much spooky to handle.
You like dice? You like catchy coin names? We have at least one of those.

SLASHER runs off it’s own native token SLSH and unlike many other gambling dapps we are proud to say this whole thing runs off your Metamask wallet! No logins! No passwords! You will be able to swap and purchase SLSH from and you may have already noticed but we will also have farms for yielding!


SLASHER is two different dice games so let’s break it down….

DICE 1: 100 Side Dice (0–99) with a very large winning ratio (up to 49.625x). You set your odds and payout based on your risk tolerance!

DICE 2: 10,000 Side Dice (0–10,000) your select your odds based on rolling higher or equal to any number under 10,000.

Once you have attached your wallet you can visit the referral tab for opportunities to earn rewards on your future games based on how many people you refer!

And for now that is SLASHER! Clean, simple, and run entirely off smart contracts and your wallet. No centralization! We will continue to update the Dapp as we find new games that fit the format.

Keep your eyes peeled to our social channels as a contest to kick things is off is coming shortly! Our gamified binary betting SONAR is still in the works for Q3!

Until next time, Luckers.



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