Potluck Protocol Introduces Potluck Labs

Potluck Protocol
2 min readDec 9, 2021

Potluck Protocol is excited to announce the launch of Potluck Labs.

Potluck Labs is a subsidiary of Potluck Protocol that will serve as an NFT incubator on the Fantom network. In layman terms, this means that we will be helping artists launch quality NFT projects.

To make this a huge success, we needed to find amazing talent to lead this project. And we DID! We are extremely excited to announce that Fantom NFT legend/pioneer/trailblazer, Tinfoil Realist, will be our “Mad Hatter” in charge.

Peep his page: https://twitter.com/TinFoilRealist

“Mad Hatter” TinFoil

The Potluck Trinity

Everything we do at Potluck Protocol is guided by one key question: how can we deliver value to $FANG holders? Through Potluck Labs, we will bring incredible brand awareness and deepen community in the Fantom ecosystem for Potluck Protocol and $FANG. Additionally, every single project will generate income (from mint sales and secondary market sales).

A large percentage of the income will go toward buying back $FANG and creating LP, which will be owned by the protocol. This will achieve three things:

  1. Increase the $FANG price with buys
  2. Stabilize the $FANG price during downturns in the market by having protocol owned liquidity
  3. Provide rewards to $FANG stakers through the revenue generated from staking the protocol owned liquidity on SpiritSwap.

We are beyond ready to get to work and build for Potluck Labs. This is just the beginning.