Potluck Protocol Integrates With Rubic For One-Click Cross-Chain Swaps

Potluck Protocol
2 min readNov 23, 2021

The aftermath of switching over to Fantom has resulted in the shortcomings of interoperability and our users facing hurdles in bridging their funds over to the blockchain. Migrating over to a new chain has its hurdles and thanks to the team over at the Rubic Exchange, we have found such a work-around!

PotluckProtocol is proud to announce that it has integrated the Rubic Exchange’s Widget on its native site. This enables our users to access a Multi-Routing Ecosystem that facilitates multi-chain swaps. Therefore, our users can now trade $FANG without specifically having funds on our native chain, i.e. Fantom. Gone are the days for bridging funds to fantom specifically to trade FANG — hence, users can now transact FANG on fantom without having to leave their native chain! What’s more, is that users can now get their hands on FTM in its Mainnet chain by swapping funds from cross-chain.

In accordance, FANG is now successfully whitelisted on the Rubic Exchange and our users can conveniently trade FANG from the convenience of several blockchains including BSC, ETH, Polygon, and more!

Wait, you can buy FANG on Fantom via BNB on BSC?

About PotluckProtocol

PotluckProtocol is a DeFi Automated Market Maker on the Fantom Blockchain building cross-chain gamified dApps. Our upcoming Gamified Binary Bettings dApp will allow FANG holders to earn in non-native tokens via the fees generated. Check out our site and entice yourself to some lucrative yields!

About Rubic Exchange

Rubic is a Multi-Chain Swap Protocol that allows you to swap any of 9500+ tokens, on and between 8 blockchains in one click. Its Multi-Chain protocol includes on-chain & multi-chain swaps for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, Harmony, Tron & xDai, fiat on-ramps, and more!

The aim of the project is to deliver a complete One-Stop, Full Circle decentralized trading platform. Rubic exchange is a place where users can complete Multi-Chain swaps using different solutions to get the best rates from all leading trading protocols.

~Fanties Dude