Potluck Protocol
2 min readOct 12, 2021

Let’s take a quick moment to say: GREAT CAESAR’S GHOST we love the Fantom community! Things have been on the up and up since our launch two weeks ago but we noticed that many people may not realize that $FANG is much more than just a DeFi site/token. Let’s take a look in the candy van…er, my office.

Sick airbrush art for representation

What is FANG? Why are you acting like it’s a big deal?

While our site has DeFi functionality Potluck Protocol also dabbles in…dApps. We have released SLASHER (a dice game that runs on PTLKX) and soon to launch SONAR. SONAR is a large achievement for our team, combining gaming with binary options! But I digress. FANG is actually another dApp we are working on that will be native to FANTOM.

The concept of FANG is to make leverage trading fun and easy — an interface that pros and beginners can hop in to use. But for our pros FANG has some valuable rewards. FANG holders, based on the amount, get access to more complex trading tools, chart indicators, unique buy/sell orders, fee discounts, and if you have enough FANG, even fees from the dApp itself! Who knows what else we will cook up in the meantime!

So, this story is short and sweet, but we just want everyone to know that when we come to your chain we bring it.

Start accumulating your FANG now for those sweet, sweet, rewards.