Exploring An Uncharted Land: Bats To Be On The Metaverse

Potluck Protocol
2 min readNov 9, 2021

At PotluckProtocol, we’re always keen on exploring uncharted lands and striving to add value to our ecosystem. Lately, we’ve been working on exciting new realms; from eyeing on a gamified binary bettings dApp in collaboration with a prominent Fantom project to exploring the metaverse — the bats are indeed everywhere!

Entering The Metaverse: Attractive New Strides

We’ve been fascinated by the concept of the Metaverse and the ability to own intellectual property within such a realm. The FANG GANG needs a place to hang around and solidify itself as the leading community on Fantom.

One such eye-catching prospect for us has been 8bitnostalgia — a metaverse that allows users to interact with each other as digital avatars. As several notable projects have been joining the fun, we also decided to take the leap and acquired virtual land in Spellbinder City.

Glorious, ain’t it?

FANG GANG — Join In, It’s Time To Party! 🥳🥳

Acquiring the virtual land in Spellbinder City has its incentives. We envision for it to act as a central hub for our community and for all of Fantom to play our gamified Defi dApps. Get ready to hang around with us and play on our dApps!

Envisioning a spooky realm with bats on Spellbinder City? Here’s what such a realm looks like.

About PotluckProtocol

PotluckProtocol is a DeFi Automated Market Maker on the Fantom Blockchain building cross-chain gamified dApps. Join in on the fun and reap those tasty bat snacks from our farms/pools in the meanwhile while we cook up some fun!