Coup d’etat: Why Our Gamified Leverage Trading dApp is a Game-Changer

Potluck Protocol
3 min readNov 5, 2021

You may have known that our Unique Selling Point all along has been our gamified leverage trading dApp. While we’ve pondered over what it looks like, how it works, etc, we haven’t got into the midst of why it is a complete “game-changer.”

The narrative behind the Gamified Binary Leverage Trading dApp

Before we get into the midst of what this dApp is, we’d like to reinstate what it means to go degen on the Gamified dApp.

Pamps are green, dips are red, you say your portfolio is losing steam but our gamified dApp has you covered. Your PNL may take a beating but you can never turn down the prospects of making a quick 2x. Binance may charge you exorbitant fees for going all-in on 125x leverages but we offer otherwise.

At PotluckProtocol, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate degens and have wielded our swords from the finest steel, dipped in Sminem’s layer of pamps, and ironed out under Bogdanoff’s mansion of damps. We’ve been through the crypto winter and are now ready to enjoy the beautiful scenery in crypto summer so grab a margarita with a side of moon cakes and rocket fuel.

Luckers, Charge Ahead!

Get ready to embark to an uncharted land of spooky endeavours filled with bats and Sminem’s green candles filled with rockets. We welcome you with open arms to witness the glories of this dApp and help us in achieving our mission of building a bat cave on the moon.

Getting into the midst of it

Did you know that you could bet against market volatilities for 5-minute candles without having to pay exorbitant fees and fear of being liquidated? Degens unite! Our upcoming gamified leverage tradingdApp would offer exactly this.

The dApp allows you to wager on how the charts will unfold within the next 5 minutes. Working on 5-minute candles from a live chart, you will simply guess if the closing candle will end up either as red or green. Payouts will be given out of a pool of current bets.

Trade the above candles with insider Wojak knowledge!

The most intriguing part? Unlike alternative prediction dApps, it boasts of a chart of its own. Winners take the pot and users will be incentivized to use our dApp. It is indeed unique, revolutionary and a game changer!

Ambitious goals call for Bullish Momentum!

How would we proceed with Sonar? Well, we have found a model that solves the dilemma of having sufficient traffic. Ideally, we’d like it to be on several L1s across the DeFi realm and with the fees generated, distribute it to our loyal FANG stakers.

Moreover, to accelerate development and exposure, we’ll kick off marketing campaigns and encourage users to share their winning results through incentivizing via giveaways — “get in on the hype train” is our mantra.

Current Development
Phase 1 of testing is complete and we’re currently optimizing it for UI improvements; it’ll initially be on Fantom with hopes of adding more cross-chain partners — the horizons are limitless and the goal is for it to support your favourite tokens down the road!

If you haven’t checked out our website, then you’re missing out on all the fun! Reap those juicy yields! Https://